Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pant sew-along - The end result

This feels almost surreal, but yes they are actually done and I love them too! The pant sew-along has been a great learning experience and the suggestions that has been given to me and the other participants have been invaluable.

The tie waist.

All 26 buttonholes are fully functional.

Of all sewing projects pants seems to generate the biggest frustrations - at least that's the impression I'm given when reading blogs and reviews. Do you agree with me?

I think the reason are two folded. Firstly getting the fit right is really hard since there are so many variables involved, and if you change one thing another might suffer instead. And as many of the participants have noted, the wrinkle analyzes can drive you up the wall! The second challenge with pants is that it's hard to get a truly professional looking finish in a home sewing environment. And while not all trousers are made like this, this segment from the great show How it's made was a real eye opener to me. No wonder I can't get my jeans to look like the ones in the stores.

That said, I will continue to make my own pants, since it's pretty much impossible for me to find well fitting ones in stores. And I feel more and more confident after each pair that I make, which is really encouraging. Now I just want the summer to arrive so that I can take my new pants outside!

And finally I want to dedicate this post to my fellow sew-alongers:

Antoinette (who also initiated the sew-along)
Mary Nanna

Keep up the good work!


  1. Great design, perfect execution. I admire your dedication to sewing with kids and a job "on the side"! This inspires me to try a real pants fitting one of these days...

  2. Great pants! They are reminicient of US Navy uniform pants with the buttons down the side fronts. That took some skill to execute. Good job!

  3. Ok. So, I've been lightly watching this process. But, when the finished photo popped up, I just started taking the lord's name in vain REPEATEDLY. These are PHENOMENAL. HOLY COW. Joanna, seriously. Wow.

  4. Wow, that many buttonholes would make my eyes cross. Great pants!

  5. TERRIFIC! I'm with Cidell, Holy Cow those are WONDERFUL! Very distinctive, unique, and it looks like they FIT BEAUTIFULLY. Thanks for sharing the journey.

  6. Oh wow, they turned out really really great! I love the fit, they look comfortable but also polished and well-fitting.

  7. Fantastic design and wonderful fitting pants. Thanks for the tutorial for the buttonholes.

  8. Fantastic! Beautiful buttonholes!

  9. Wow. Those are the perfect summertime pants! And the fact that all the buttons are functional is just incredible. Be prepared for many compliments when you wear those!

  10. These are great! So perfect for summer, too. And I'm really rather jealous of your computerised one-step buttonholes. My vintage darling only does manual 4-step!

  11. How did I miss that you finished your pants!! I love them. The buttons are darn cute. I put down the pants and haven't returned. Guilt sets in...

  12. Wow, they are amazing! They look JUST LIKE your inspiration picture. Great job, you should be extremely proud, if not only for making that many functional and beautiful buttonholes. I avoid buttonholes like the plague!

  13. oh gosh you didn't really make that!

    great execution!

    they look really unique and have a very 60's vibe!

    having fun looking through your projects and such,

    p.s love your sewing studio and the pleated curtains too.