Next time I'll take two

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My favorite sneakers from PF Flyers. In a style that has now been discontinued.

Do you sometimes buy more than one piece when you find something you really like? I seldom do, but often regret it later since a lot of things that I like seems to get discontinued really quickly. But I guess it's just the way the market works in general, creating a buyers urge with a constant flow of new products. I suppose that's also the reason why I don't stock up - because I fear I might be bored with more of the same and loose some of the excitement that comes with finding new things to wear.

But I've come to realize that the possible buyers excitement doesn't weigh up the frustration of not finding a new pair of jeans or a bra that fits as well and looks as nice as the last one.
So maybe I need to rethink my shopping strategies?


A little pant sew-along update: I've been AWOL for a along time, this moving thingie has taken so much longer than I had imagined and I have not done a thing with my pants in almost two weeks (except ironing the fabric). I feel so behind. But my sewing area is at least fully functional now and March is not over yet!

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5 kommentarer

  1. Moving...always takes longer! My pants need some redoing but I am sidetracked by dress needed for a wedding. Pants are on hold!

  2. Moving takes a lot more time and effort than you ever think.

    Re stocking up: when I find a bra that fits I buy the entire stock of the store in my size, up to 6.

    Good luck on continued pants progress. I'm aching to see the final version as your inspiration was so stunning.

  3. Moving. We moved March of last year. We're almost settled in now.

    Am I ever so glad that you've not finished your pants yet. It seems that I'm dreading mine.

  4. I almost bought these shoes at in grey a few months ago. I think they are awesome! They had a variety of other colors and sizes, but are all sold out now it seems. i will keep my eyes out for them elsewhere. :)

    As for the bras, I always get at least 2 when I find one that fits and feels good.

  5. >>Cindy and geek sewing: Glad I'm not the only one to who has stuff left!
    >>Luckylibbet: Wow, up to 6 bras, that's my strategy next time! Calvin Klein has discontinued a great soft bra for smaller busts, and I hate myself for not buying what was left in a store when I had the chance.
    >>Antoinette: You should buy these shoes pronto, they are amazingly comfortable. Keds and Converse pales in comparison when it comes comfort and PF are ahead when it comes to design too.