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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This beret will be mine, but I don't have to crochet it!

I love hand knitted and crocheted clothes and accessories, but can never find the motivation to start a project. So when my crafty friend Anita wanted a linen messenger bag, but didn't feel like sewing one and suggested a craft swap instead, I had to say yes. The deal is that I'll make her a bag and she'll crochet a hat for me. I was all for that idea and begun an international search for a crocheted beret pattern. After a lot of browsing I found the perfect pattern in a new Swedish book containing retro style knitting and crochet patterns: Stickat och virkat - vintage på svenska.
We went to the yarn store yesterday, and after a lot of mulling I picked a light grey and charcoal grey combo that matches my mittens and scarf.

In turn I'll sew her a modified version of Burdastyle's Diana bag that she will pimp up with a crocheted table cloth. I think this craft swap is such a great idea, and one that I could really do a lot more. I have several talented and crafty friends that don't sew, so there is definitely a potential to take this concept further.

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