Winter jacket

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My next project.

A lined wool jacket is up next. The project is somewhat accidental, as I ended up with this wool fabric when I misinterpreted the description "suitable for a cardigan" as being a knit. Well it's not, it's a woven but still soft and with a decent drape so I plan to make a slightly unstructured jacket out of it. I've toyed around with some ideas in Illustrator, and think I've settled on the design. I want the rounded shapes to be a recurring theme, and the yoke in the back will be rounded as well. Not sure on how to accomplish the curved pockets though, maybe I should make them as lined patch pockets?

Fabric, lining and buttons for the jacket.

I will line the jacket using the bagging method described by
Kathleen Fasanella and praised by Laura Lo and others. I have to admit that I feel a little nervous about it, as it's a new approach for me and sometimes I have a hard time grasping new sewing techniques. I'll probably try the tutorial first using her templates and some scraps. I plan to get started with the pattern this weekend, and hopefully by Sunday there might actually be some tangible result.

And a little update: The innovative pattern making class I was pondering in a previous post, well I registered for it yesterday, so now I'm really excited! I just wish it would start next week, instead of next summer...
I also got accepted to a textile overview distance course at the Swedish Textile University in Borås that will begin in January. The course is about learning how different fabrics are made, their properties and how to judge differences in qualities. It sounds wonderfully nerdy, and hopefully something I could blog about in the future.

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4 kommentarer

  1. I'm excited for you registering for the pattern class! And please, would you share your illustrator designs for your coat? I'm a self-taught patternmaker/designer, and always love to see what others are doing. I'll never attempt a coat, I don't need one where I live (San Francisco) as it never gets cold enough here for a real coat. I would love to see how you tackle the pocket challenge. I feel like my expertise if I have any is in pockets - so I'm curious.

  2. Don't be nervous! Just try it out on scraps like you said and you'll be okay.
    If anyone else is interested, the "nameless" tutorial series is here:

  3. Another idea for rounded pockets - you could do something similar to this BWOF jacket 10-2007-110, (those aren't very functional but if you put them higher...).

    Sounds like you have several fun classes to look forward to!

  4. >>Christina: Very cool pockets, have not seen anything similar before, great suggestion. Although on the Burda jacket they look more like "hand warmers" than something you could put anything in, but as you said they could definitely be modified.

    >>Kathleen: Thank you for the encouragement!

    >>Luckylibbet: I wish I didn't need winter clothes! This winter thing is getting really tired, I'm already fed up and it's at least three more months to go. San Francisco on the other hand sounds great, nice weather almost year around from what I have gathered, and not too hot in the summer. I'm still mulling over the pockets, but Christina presented an interesting suggestion. Great to be an expert of pockets! That's something I tend to omit, because I fear I might mess things up.