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Friday, December 05, 2008

Should I take a class from this designer?

I am browsing the summer courses from my local pattern making college and there are two classes I really, really want to attend - tailored jacket and innovative pattern making. But I have only the time and money for one of them. The innovative pattern making class is taught by a semi famous local designer Rickard Lindqvist and he does some cool stuff. But to be honest, the tailored jacket class would probably be more useful, tailoring is my weak spot and therefore I shy away from making stuff like lapels and welt pockets. On the other hand, innovative pattern making taught by a recognized designer that has dressed several of my favorite musicians sounds more exciting, and yes, a little more glamorous...

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4 kommentarer

  1. Gosh, I wish I had such choices to make. There are only basic/beginner classes in my area.

    If this will be the only opportunity to take the class with Lindqvist, then I'd do that. The tailored jacket class seems like something that may be offered again in the future, plus there are many reference books on tailoring (although I prefer to learn by watching someone else and having a personal mentor!). Let us know what you decide!

  2. I'd go for the famous designer/innovative patternmaking class. That's the kind of class that teaches you a WHOLE NEW WAY to think and approach problems - valuable not just for sewing but for life.

    A lot of tailoring can be learned from books, and as Christina said, it's the kind of class that is offered often, so you'll have another chance.

  3. >> Christina and Luckylibbet: Thank you for the suggestions, it totally pulled me over to the Lindqvist corner :) You're absolutely right, and I think he is a good instructor too. He has taught the class once before, and the school has it's students to fill out an thorough evaluation form after the courses so if he wasn't highly rated I don't think they would have hired him again.

    Now I just need to secure some days off from work in June and check that the class is not already full.

  4. So do let us know if you're able to take the class! And I'm sure you'll blog about what you learn. I'm so jealous.