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Thursday, December 18, 2008

While Karl Lagerfeld's drawings are pretty visible, most modern designers never (get to) show the illustrations that lies behind their collections. Therefore I really appreciate these two books; Young Fashion Designers and Fashion Illustration by Fashion designers.
I got Fashion Illustration as a birthday gift from my boyfriend, and I can really recommend making this as a Christmas gift - for yourself or for someone else. The selection of designers are really good and I appreciate that the author Laird Borelli also has ventured outside the big fashion cities in her search for interesting illustrators.

I have to say I was completely blown away by some of the illustrations in this book. It's clear that several famous designers could easily have made an career as artists as well.

Pure perfection. By the designer Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy.

I love the scribble style of Sonia Rykiel's drawings.

Young Fashion Designers, as the name suggests, focus primarily on lesser famous designers with a certain bias towards Spanish designers. The illustrations are accompanied by a short Q&A with each designer, which is a great addition. I found it interesting to see that several designers answered "Pants" when asked what their biggest design challenge is. The Danish designer Peter Jensen says it best "you only need to go 2 cm wrong to look like an idiot". Something I can definitely relate to during my own pant drafting efforts.

Scrap book sketches by Spanish designer Raquel Micola.

As for my winter jacket, well that project is on the back burner since I got a really stubborn back pain this weekend. It's slowly getting better but so far the only tangible result (except the pattern) is this:

A lined patch pocket using a method described in the book Sewing Secrets from the Fashion Industry that I plan to review in the future, just need to try out some of the techniques first.

I have not decided if this pocket will make the final cut but I wanted to try this idea out anyway.

And last but not least, the premiere date of the new season of Project Runway Canada has been announced, and I'm psyched beyond belief. Just thinking about Iman purring out the words "You just don't measure up" brings shivers down my spine.

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2 kommentarer

  1. Thanks for the book suggestions. Both look interesting. I'll have to track them down.

  2. >>Cidell: Yeah, they are definitely worth checking out, and esp Young Fashion Designers can be found really cheap. The only problem for me is that they evokes serious illustration jealousy. I am very drawing impaired but I'm very attracted by the idea of churning out cool ideas on a napkin while sitting in a coffee shop