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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The newly organized fabric stash, divided into four categories.

I know some people view their fabric stash like a precious collection, something to get inspired by and to relish.
I am unfortunately not one of those people. Instead my stash is a constant reminder of how much I have left to sew. I get stressed just by digging through it. I even have a list of my stash fabrics and their assigned projects stored as a text message in my cell phone. Just to add more insult to the stress.

In my last post I referred to my stash as a "black hole". Which was a very fitting description - nothing was folded and all fabrics was mixed together. "You never know when they come in handy"- scraps was thrown in among precious silks and various notions like interfacing and buttons somehow also found their way in there. Which is probably why so many things got lost in my stash.

This Sunday I felt something had to be done. With the help of four plastic Curver storage boxes and the idle hands of two children, I managed to sort my stash out in less than an hour. The funny thing is that now it seems like my stash has been reduced by 50 percent, even though I only threw away a few yards.
But an unexpected side effect of this sudden "reduction" is that it has spurred a strong urge to buy more fabric... maybe I need to work on my fabricohoholic tendencies next? Or maybe I just need to adapt a more forgiving attitude to my hobby!

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3 kommentarer

  1. I cleaned up my sewing space and (small) fabric collection last weekend as well. I found new space too - and promptly went out and bought 12 more yards! So I will enable you to purchase more, don't tell your family it is me!

  2. >>Luckylibbet: From now on you are my secret enabler :)

  3. I think the forgiving attitude is the answer. I love taking my fabrics out of the cabinet and going through them. When my fabric was in boxes, I would get very stressed out about how much I had because, like you, it did signal "work undone" to me. Now, I look at it sort of like my own little fabric store. And I can go shopping there whenever the urge hits me!