Cardigan and pearls

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cardigan material for my next project.

Today I picked up a much anticipated parcel from Gorgeous Fabrics. The second I saw the fabric on Ann's blog I know that my several year long international search for that perfect soft gray wool knit was over. The project I need the wool for is a cardigan similar to those classic 50's pearl embellished ones. I bought the black pearl appliqués three years ago for this particular purpose and since then I have waited and waited for the right fabric. I guess doing pearl embroidery by hand and not using pre made patches would be the most authentic way, but I'm gonna cheat on this one!

The pearl appliqué is attached to organza and I'm not sure what's the best way to sew it onto the fabric. Should I just sew tiny stitches along the edges or sew all over the patch? Any suggestions would be appreciated!

The appliqués is from the Scandinavian mail order company Stoff & Stil. They also have a mega store in Malmö that I visited this weekend (there is also one in Denmark). If you are traveling through Scandinavia I strongly recommend a visit to Stoff & Stil. The first time I was in their Malmö store a couple of years ago I thought it was decent, but nothing special. This time however I was really impressed with how it's turned out. The fabric selection is huge and the prices are often great. I would say the quality of their fabrics is average to above average. No high end designer fabrics, but a great stop for everything else.

The Stoff & Stil store in Malmö.

I managed to score a really high quality ribbed 100% wool knit for 1/3 of the price I would pay in a regular fabric store. The notion section is also great if you are on a budget. The prices of YKK zippers for instance are among the lowest I've ever seen Sweden. Also I was thrilled to see loads of customers - ranging from middle aged men buying fake fur to young goths making party outfits. So no signs of a dwindling sewing interest there!

Perfect display for those who can't get enough of YKK zippers.

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5 kommentarer

  1. Very cool wall of zippers, and the fabrics look so well organized - Scandinavians have the best sense of design :) It looks like Stoff & Stil designs some of their own patterns too? What a great store.

  2. Oh that is going to be beautiful! For the appliques, definitely hand stitch all around the edges. You might put one or two small tacks in the middle, but it really isn't necessary. I've seen some of those vintage sweaters recently and they are just stitched around the outside. I can't wait to see the finished sweater!

  3. I too want to see the finished sweater!

    Like Ann said, stitching around the outside should be adequate, unless the trim is exceptionally heavy - which it doesn't look to be - in which case bring a stitch from the underside and THROUGH a bead and back down. It doesn't take much to anchor it down.

    And quite frankly, if you want to clean the garment, you want to make the stitching as easy as possible, as you will need to remove it for dry cleaning - those decorations do not go through the washing machine or dry cleaners with good grace.

    OTOH if you hand wash, no problem.

  4. >>Cidell: Yes it's brilliant!
    >>Christina: They do have their own pattern range, and their catalogues are to die for, everything is shown sewed up and of course you can buy all the fabrics and notions too. I think their concept and presentation is so clever, they should really get their act together and expand outside Scandinavia.
    >>: Gorgeous Things and Luckylibbet: Thank you for your really helpful advice, I will stitch around the edges and hand wash too.